The honeysuckle I use is kept natural. I do not use coloring or any kind of finish
on the honeysuckle or the completed baskets.

The skinned honeysuckle starts out light green in color and will turn a beautiful
gold which deepens the more it's in the sunlight.

The brown color you see in my baskets is unskinned honeysuckle. This brown
color will not change.

Mostly I make baskets for using. They are strong, light in weight, and have the
ability to endure years of use without showing wear.

On this website, basket measurements are of the greatest overall dimension, not
including handles.

Honeysuckle is the only vine used in my basketry. On my larger size handle
baskets and on a few other pieces I use a center wire, covered over with
honeysuckle. This gives an added support to an area I think needs it. I pick my
honeysuckle locally and on the property where I grew up.

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