To purchase baskets from here, please mail a check as indicated below. I
currently only take orders in the continental United States.

Your carefully packaged basket orders will be shipped priority mail. Normally you
will receive the baskets within two to three business days.
  Check Orders
When ordering by check include the following: item description, basket #,
5.3% sales tax (VA residents only), and shipping cost.

Make checks payable to
Anne Scarpa McCauley.

Contact me if you have any questions or would like any of my baskets in a
different size.

Shipping Rates
    for orders up to $65, add $5 shipping
    for orders from $66 to $150, add $10 shipping
    for orders from $151 to $500, add $15 shipping
    for orders over $500, add $20 shipping

Mail check orders to:
Anne Scarpa McCauley
P.O. Box 176
Free Union, VA  22940
  How did you hear about my baskets?
Anne Scarpa McCauley
(434) 978-4679
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