High Quality Baskets
From the Blue Ridge Mountain Foothills of
Using wild honeysuckle, Anne Scarpa
McCauley makes unique coiled baskets
from the vines found along the mountain's
    • Bowls, Trays, Vases
    • Covered & Handle Baskets
    • Sculptural Baskets
    • Custom-Made Pieces
    • One-of-a-Kind Artwork
Anne began making baskets as a
girl out tending goats. She has
been making these for over forty
years and now has the
accomplished knowledge to
create the baskets of her dreams.
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Free Union Artisans'
Open House
Dec. 7 & 8
Free Union, Virginia

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The Smithsonian American Art Museum Permanent Basket Collection Includes Anne's Honeysuckle Baskets
Two of Anne's baskets are part of the Smithsonian permanent basket collection: The Cole-Ware Collection of
American Baskets. Her basketry is also featured in the accompanying film and book. The exhibition (
Measure of the
Earth) was October 4-December 8, 2013 at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.
Anne Scarpa McCauley
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